Honoring Mary Hakanson

Jan 18, 2020

“May all the mothers know that they are loved. May all the daughters know that they are strong. May all the sisters know that they are worthy, so the circle of women may go on.”

Because you lived and more importantly how you lived there will be……

Another generation of women whose loud and frequent laughs are recognizable from not just down the hall, but down the block.

Another generation of women who cook enough food for the whole neighborhood every time they cook.

Another generation of women who find true joy in giving to others the little things in life that turn out to be the big things. 

Leaving behind a spirit of laughter, joy, and generosity is a sign of a life well-lived and a legacy worth passing to the next generations….

So the circle of women may go on.

Published by Make Our Day

I am originally from Missouri and currently teach English, wrangle Munchkin's, and give hugs in Southeast Asia. I planned on doing the typical backpacker thing for a year or so and moving on.......but 6 years and hundreds of munchkins later, the ride's been anything but "typical". We're still here and still making munchkins' days one hug and high five at a time. Send us a note, some love, or a donation if you're able. Love from Munchkinland, Teacha Katie.

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