Big Green and Sober October

Big Green by way of Kimball Musk! A lot of people don’t know that Elon Musk has a brother, but I have long been team Kimball.  He has a gardenContinue reading “Big Green and Sober October”

It’s 2022…Where in the World is Teacha Katie?

The call to bring forth what is within you is not going to go away.  I believe that for me, for you, and for all my munchkins.

Giving Tuesday Trifecta

Time, Money, Support = Magic This Giving Tuesday is brought to you in a roundabout way by a few furry (and recently reproductive organ free) friends. I had the pleasureContinue reading “Giving Tuesday Trifecta”

Honoring Mary Hakanson

Jan 18, 2020 “May all the mothers know that they are loved. May all the daughters know that they are strong. May all the sisters know that they are worthy,Continue reading “Honoring Mary Hakanson”

Is This the Teacher Abuse Hotline?

Hello, 111… administrator just sent a series of “teaching is its own reward” gifs in a group chat. Please log this as a hate crime.

What I’d tell my students about COVID if they were here right now……

As all my students know, I am not a philosopher. Class discussions about real life trauma are not a thought experiment in which I remain clinically indifferent. I will cry. Continue reading “What I’d tell my students about COVID if they were here right now……”

Love in the Time of Corona

Uncertainty heightens all of our frustrations and fears. The hypocrisy of those making decisions “in our best interest” becomes infuriating. Having to go to work seems unimportant and remaining in control of what little you were in control of in the first place becomes impossible.

4 Questions for #GIVINGTUESDAY

It’s #GIVINGTUESDAY and we don’t have school today so the munchkins said, “Teacha, we’re going out”.  Watch out world. Before we get out and about, I wanted to share my full responsesContinue reading “4 Questions for #GIVINGTUESDAY”

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