In a Bangkok Minute

The words “easy” and “reliable” have no place in a conversation regarding Thai transportation.  Bangkok in particular is quite the Bermuda Triangle of well laid transport plans. I have neverContinue reading “In a Bangkok Minute”

Where You Go?………but seriously

I’ve written before about the ever persistent, original hustlers of Phuket, the cab drivers. What I haven’t told you is that when they yell, “Where you go?” they actually needContinue reading “Where You Go?………but seriously”


Jackpot Kate dug up an extensive list of Thai superstitions (minus the 10 to 15 I’ve added to it for my own convenience).  Number 8 is my favorite, Baldies areContinue reading “Jackpot”

If it Weren’t for Bad Luck……..

Expressing verbal disgust for Monday mornings is a widely accepted societal norm and the only thing one should be expected to do when the dreaded day arrives. If you areContinue reading “If it Weren’t for Bad Luck……..”

One Year Round-up

I’m not tech savy enough to figure out how to post a pdf of my Christmas Card… if I missed you send me your email, and we’ll call it aContinue reading “One Year Round-up”

Special Din-ah

If Thai’s believe in reincarnation, than its my belief that they were Stephens girls in a past life because they really know how to extend a celebration. After being ambushedContinue reading “Special Din-ah”

Wet and Wild

So I have the entire month of April off to celebrate Thai New Year. We asked the locals in Phuket what we farangs should do with ourselves during the festivitiesContinue reading “Wet and Wild”

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