What I’d tell my students about COVID if they were here right now……

As all my students know, I am not a philosopher. Class discussions about real life trauma are not a thought experiment in which I remain clinically indifferent. I will cry.  I will get angry.  But then…..I will do something about it.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll do the right thing because that is subjective butContinue reading “What I’d tell my students about COVID if they were here right now……”

4 Questions for #GIVINGTUESDAY

It’s #GIVINGTUESDAY and we don’t have school today so the munchkins said, “Teacha, we’re going out”.  Watch out world. Before we get out and about, I wanted to share my full responses to these 4 questions I was asked by HuffPost last week for this article.  I had to sit down and really think about how myContinue reading “4 Questions for #GIVINGTUESDAY”

HuffPost Interviews Make Our Day

I was interviewed by HuffPost this week about the difference small donations can make to organizations like Make Our Day.  I found it very appropriate that they chose this story to use in their article. For this particular kiddo, $10, time, and attention has made a huge difference.  The munchkins have their next big day out onContinue reading “HuffPost Interviews Make Our Day”