HuffPost Interviews Make Our Day

I was interviewed by HuffPost this week about the difference small donations can make to organizations like Make Our Day.  I found it very appropriate that they chose this storyContinue reading “HuffPost Interviews Make Our Day”

Why the Hell Not

Let’s start with full disclosure on how this article came to life. I didn’t know if was International Women’s Day yesterday until I saw the hash tag on Instagram andContinue reading “Why the Hell Not”

Thinkers, Dreamers, Doers

My latest guest post to Elephant Journal. An article for my thinkers (Jang) dreamers (Nong) and doers (Milk) in Munchkinland and to a few feisty Thai women who are allContinue reading “Thinkers, Dreamers, Doers”

Oh, you’re a Teacher!

Some very nice people have made a very nice offer to help me publish some articles on “the net” about Make Our Day.  Two of which can be found onContinue reading “Oh, you’re a Teacher!”

Not all noodles and bubble tea

I have a problem, but I also have a solution.  I have all kinds of updates from Munchkinland that I would like to bring to your attention….but not so muchContinue reading “Not all noodles and bubble tea”

Not About Elephants or Clothing

There are 3 things that I never get tired of looking at in Thailand. Don’t expect to see beaches, buddhas or shimmy shimmy coco-whaaaaaaats on this list.  That’s actually notContinue reading “Not About Elephants or Clothing”

Summer Lovin’

So I’m dating a 16 year old ladyboy named Bob. A May December romance that no one saw coming, except maybe Bob.  See Bob’s parents needed a little Bob break,Continue reading “Summer Lovin’”

Zayn Said Whaaaaa?

In the hopes of keeping the shop alive for the rest of their summer break, the Minions were all to happy to send me off to BKK on a buyingContinue reading “Zayn Said Whaaaaa?”

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