The Art of Compromsie: as we learned from Michael Scott, the ideal solution to a problem is conflict resolution style number three, compromise, in which both parties get what they want….make the poster into a Tshirt.

This is Knight. He is an outspoken little chunky monkey who landed himself a role in Klam’s skit. The problem is, he’s unhappy with Klam’s casting choices, which is where I come in.

I feel the need to preface this dialogue by saying that Knight, for whatever reason, does not have an Asian accent. He has a very deep voice that sounds like what we would stereotype as an old Indian Chieftain…and he always yells….always.

“Teacha!!! Klam say I am Mafia Boss……but I want be Michael Jackson!” (breaks into a moonwalk attempt)

Ok Knight….I’m hearing what you’re saying…and I’m wondering, could you walk onto the stage, say your Mafia line….and then moonwalk off?

He stares at me blankly for some time, thinking it over, crossing and uncrossing his arms in the process.

Finally, he starts nodding, drops his hands to his side and says “yes!” And scurrys back to rehearsal.

…….the art of compromise

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