I need new volunteers! Took wan (everyday) the munchkins ask if Teacha “have friend”. If you are interested in coming to Thailand to volunteer (or are here already) email me at

If you can’t quite make it here, Mai Ben Rai (no worries) you can still help us out. See staff profiles below to get an idea of what others have done to contribute their talents to our mission. If you’re passionate about non profit work and have some time to give, I’d love to hear from you too:

Love from Munchkinland,

Teacha Katie

Teacha Katie, Founder

Katie Dillman graduated Stephens College in 2009 with a degree in Fashion Marketing.  After a few years of working in a buying office it became evident that 40 more years behind a computer was not going to cut it and she booked a one way ticket to Thailand.
As “Teacha” she is inspired daily by the curiosity, creativity, and resilience of her students.  Make Our Day was founded in 2014 to ensure these qualities continue to thrive in students who are forced to grow up too quickly and provide educational alternatives in sub par school districts.
Nicknamed Dill, she is frequently losing shoes and keys, may or may not be the real Elsa, and is definitely “ting tong mak mak”
Megan Dickens, Teacha
Megan Dickens graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Child and Family Development. After graduating she quickly left Missouri and pursued her dreams.
She is currently living in Thailand teaching first and second grade. She has always had a passion for traveling, culture, and helping others, children in specifically.  Prior to moving to Thailand, she served as a preschool teacher at Ridgecrest and has taught for Make Our Day since December 2014.
Morgan Quigley, On Site Volunteer 2016
Morgan Quigley. is a student at Missouri State, about to graduate with a psychology degree. She intends to get her graduate degree in social work.
Morgan is excited to be part of Make Our Day and will be traveling to Thailand in January to continue helping Teacha Katie in her endeavors. “I can’t wait to experience the culture and help out the best I can!”
Brittany Behnen, On Site Volunteer 2016
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Brittany Behnen graduated from OTC in 2014. After taking some time off, she has recently begun attending Grand Canyon University, seeking her Bachelor’s in Communications.

It was a trip to Uganda three years ago that changed the trajectory of her life. It ignited her joy for far-away places, and it was from that point forward that she knew she wanted to work in non-profit and love on kids forever.
Brittany loves adventure, sports, music, sleeping in hammocks and Harry Potter weekends.
Mailyn Knight, Community Involvement Intern

Mailyn graduated from Missouri State University in 2012 with a degree in Marketing and will complete her Masters of Business Administration this December. For the past few years, she has been working as a professional in the field of Human Resources.

Inspired by helping others in need, Mailyn sought an opportunity to work with a non-profit for her final semester at MSU. Teacha Katie’s passion and enthusiasm for Make Our Day sold her on working with this organization.

If you can’t seem to find Mailyn, she is most likely curled up somewhere completely lost in a novel.

Charles Theil, Videography Intern
How’s it going…I’m Charles Thiel. I currently attend Missouri State University for digital media production. I always try to make a difference in the world through media and videography. One day, I hope to open up my own studio.
Laura White, Graphic Designer
Laura White graduated from Northwest Missouri State University in 2014 with a degree in Graphic Design.
As graphic designer, she is excited to use her creative skills while helping others.
Whether she is in front of a computer screen or a campfire, you’ll find a coffee mug by her side. Spending time with her dog, Maverick, is second to none. Visit her website to view her work.
 Kelly Reed, Manager of all things awesome

IMG_0058Kelly Reed is a spirited marketeer currently enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Kelly developed a passion for helping others at a very young age. She is driven by the chance to make a positive impact in someone else’s world. For the past 20 years, she’s made volunteering a priority.

In her spare time, you can find Kelly running by the river, reading a book, cheering on her favorite sports teams or putting a stamp in her concert passport. She also loves exploring new cities, hiking, scuba diving and merry-making with her favorite people.

Tobie Roberts, Make Our Day Shop Designer

Tobie Roberts is a Sophomore Fashion Design Student at Stephens College. She currently works to achieve her BFA in Fashion Design and Product Development. Her interest lies with sustainable fashion and with this interest she created a non profit four years ago called The Green Prom Movement, where she incorporates sustainable fashion and prom. She loves volunteering and working for not for profits and will jump at any opportunity where she gets to help.

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