This probably didn’t happen to you today

Things that probably didn’t happen to you at the mall today:

  • You probably did not get a lugee hawked on your arm by a shop owner who 1. Felt no shame over this and 2. Did not aid you on removing it.
  • You probably didn’t feel something scratching your foot, assume it was a rat and look down to see it was a leg less man asking for money, or maybe your shoes…wait.
  • You probably didn’t see an unattended child wet his hammock.
It's ok buddy, I'll probably have nightmares about this too.
It’s ok buddy, I’ll probably have nightmares about this too.

Had one or all or all of these things happened to you at the mall today, it’s safe to assume you’d consider cutting the trip short. I was there 8 hours. It was outdoors, 100 degrees and it rained 3 times. Neither weather condition complimented the surrounding particularly well.

This guy probably had the best stuff in the house...but work? "maybe not today"
This guy probably had the best stuff in the house…but work? “maybe not today”

One may ask, why endure this? Do you just love shopping that much? (My response in the voice of Dwight from The Office) “False” I do not love shopping. But my Stephens Susie’s are hard at work getting me all set up for the Make Our Day holiday pop up shop so I had to keep up my end of the bargain and step up our elephant game.

So here is a sneak peak live from Bangkok of what shoppers have to look forward to. If you want in on this early and fo FREE apply via Instagram to be a campus rep.

ok the middle one is a deer...but I like it.
ok the middle one is a deer…but I like it.
watch / bracelet
watch / bracelet
Make Our Day wallets
Make Our Day wallets
zipper totes
zipper totes
ID holder and keyring
ID holder and keyring

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I am originally from Missouri and currently teach English, wrangle Munchkin's, and give hugs in Southeast Asia. I planned on doing the typical backpacker thing for a year or so and moving on.......but 6 years and hundreds of munchkins later, the ride's been anything but "typical". We're still here and still making munchkins' days one hug and high five at a time. Send us a note, some love, or a donation if you're able. Love from Munchkinland, Teacha Katie.

One thought on “This probably didn’t happen to you today

  1. Glad to see your shopping trip was a success. I know how much you dislike so shopping so I know this was a real labor of love for the munchkins and your Stephen’s Girls! (PS: I hope you took a hot soapy shower when you got back to the hotel!) Love you!


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